When it Rains it Pours

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How often do you hear this phrase? Well, truth be told, I hear it quite often, not only from clients but from friends, colleagues and those in all walks of life. I believe I may even be guilty of using this cliché and although it may be said in gest, the phrase sure is charged with a negative connotation that can place one in a serious funk. When we place our focus and attention on those things that are not working out as well as we planned them to, those unfortunate mishaps, difficult people, stressful situations, etc. and we begin to feel it’s pouring we often feel hopeless, overwhelmed and powerless. Our focus then becomes gloomy, negative and pessimistic and our performance and ability to think clearly diminishes. We are more likely to experience more negative events, after all that is what you are focusing on, right?! As long as you continue to look at your problems as “problems” they will tragically remain that way. Tragically? Yes, tragically, you see if you focus on the negative, you distract yourself from seeing the positive thus hindering yourself from moving on and that is just tragic, a vicious cycle. Why not begin to view problems as opportunities or better said, challenges that you can overcome and grow from. After all, in order for the blooms to blossom a good down pouring is often needed. Explore your demeanor. Are you looking at things happening in your life as just one more bad event to add to all the things that aren’t already going well? If so, CHANGE your frame of mind – shift your paradigm, get up, make a motion and begin to identify all those things in your life, the really small stuff (the things we take for granted) and focus on those. My challenge: Every time you feel the rain pouring down ie. you lose an important business account, your patience, your house gets broken into, financial set backs, children getting in trouble at school, bad traffic on US-1, whatever the rain poses itself as CHANGE your frame of reference right there and then! Remember the positive great things and how those make you feel and live those things in order to attract them! Life is 10% what is and 90% what we perceive it!! Happy Hump Day!

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