Life Coaching

What is the difference between coaching and counseling?

Coaching is a partnered commitment to the success of your goals and
agenda. Counseling is a search for understanding our deep wounds and an
engagement in a healing process.

Who is a candidate for coaching?

Coaching works for individuals, who are high achievers, have a strong
sense of personal motivation, which want to accomplish and are ready to
make and keep commitments for their own success. A good candidate for
coaching is invested in taking responsibility for themselves and their
choices, and wants to have some focused help in seeing and testing all their
options, designing action steps, evaluating results, and making meaningful
in their status quo.

How is coaching done?

We will contract for a set number of scheduled, weekly telephone-coaching
or in person sessions. You will have specific, action-oriented assignments
to complete
between each session that are drawn from your own goals and
assessment. I will hold you accountable to keeping your commitments
to yourself and to the process. I will also support you with understanding and

What type of issues or problems can I work on in coaching?

There is a wide variety of issues that are appropriate for coaching in general.
What I work with includes but is not limited to:

  • Concerns regarding career change
  • Stale relationships
  • Lack of relationship
  • Pursuit of a happier life
  • Compulsive people pleasing
  • Lack of self confidence
  • Functional anxiety and depression
  • The legacy of emotional abuse and not feeling “good enough”
  • Making the life changes that have been plaguing you
  • Feeling stuck in decisions about intimate relationships or career
  • Moving to a new  location
  • The impact of an estranged friendship or fear of offending friends
  • Perpetual nagging worries
  • Desire for a more fulfilled life

What is the cost? Can I pay by insurance?

Coaching is contracted a month at a time, and paid in advance at the start of
each month by credit or debit card. Discounts are available when paying for
more than one month in advance. Coaching is not an insurance reimbursable
treatment. Whether in-person or telephone-session, the fee is $125 per 50
minute session.

Call us for a brief phone chat to determine if coaching is right for you (786) 227-6570